What is SEO?

SEO helps content creators, publishers, brands and individuals to get visibility from Search engines. People do a lot of searches all around the world and it's never been easier as today to create and publish content.

each day, 15% of user searches on Google are brand new queries

People have many issues to solve, they ask a lot of questions everyday and try to get answers and reviews in order to take a decision or form an final opinion.

Google display the most relevant answers and search results

If you are smart enough to create interesting content, if you provide answers or solution to solve a problem, you will get traffic, awareness, feedbacks, sales or leads from Search engines.

78% users do searches before make a purchase

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's a transerval expertise and a common word to talk about Content, Ranking factors, Google features & updates, Linkbuilding and Visibility.

SEO does NOT means "free" traffic. Organic Traffic is the result of work: Content creation and Search Optimization. By extension, SEO is a 20 years discipline, an established expertise that is related to Content Marketing.

People underestimates skills, workload and benefits to do SEO

SEO is a kind of magic keyword to talk about Content, Netlinking, Replatforming, Website Migration, Redesign, UX, Internal linking, Technology, Platforms, Frontend, Backend, WebPerf, International Localization...

How to develop Generic Visibility?